Tuesday, 24 July 2012

What the Virgoslounge girls wear

Its a great thing to work in fashion, but further more, a better thing to work at Virgos Lounge. It might be a little too much work sometimes and I tell you there aren't enough hours in the day, but it has its perks. Take me for example; my Virgoslounge collection is going on 40-50 garments as I've been picking and choosing right from the inception of the brand. Lets just say that shopping for new clothes is no longer a priority.
I'm wearing the Blu Blouse and the Mollie Coral Skirt.

Bimi our intern ho has been with us for only 2 weeks. She has a more laid back/Grunge/Model off duty look to her as you can see and she rocks it damn well! She's wearing the Poppy skirt in a more toned down way and it looks rad! 

Oye, our creative director is rocking one of our skirts too in a more toned down manner as it is day time. The lolly skirt is an absolutely beautiful gem that can clearly be transformed very easily from day to night! Its also more than appropriate for a busy girls who has to run around all day for work.

Hope you've enjoyed seeing what we wear to work! 
The VL Team. 


  1. I must say, am a fun of the brand! I found it quite surprising to see that the people behind virgo's lounge is quite young, I love it! I actually really liked Bimi's more laid back take on the Lolly skirt. I have the same skirt and have been trying to look for a way to wear it in more dressed down look and I think Bimi did it just well. I'll try for a similar look pretty soon and u can catch it up on my blog http://vintageeva.com/

    I wish you the best of luck girls (not that u need any) and good work!
    ps: i totally love the new fall/winter collection


  2. I just discovered Vigorous Lounge and it's amazing! I've totally fallen in love with it! And I really love your outfits you guys are wearing.
    Love Lois xxx


  3. So because I left a comment on instagram that your team hardly replies to email, I got blocked. Typical Nigerian mentality #smh